DiskDigger Pro Apk: Free Download To Recover Lost Photos/Files From Android

Learn How to recover lost images, photos, videos files from any android phone with just one click with Disksigger photo recovery apk. If you’ve accidently lost or wiped your gallery photos and want back that files or images back in your android phone then you are highly recommended to use DiskDigger photo recovery apk to undelete or get that files back to your android phone. you can download Diskdigger pro apk for free from here. 

DiskDigger Pro Apk Free Download- Recover Android Files


    Disk Digger Pro Apk Photo Recovery Android App

DiskDigger Apk can undelete and recover lost photos and images from your external memory card or your phone’s internal memory. Actually this DiskDigger apk is developed for rooted android phones to recover lost files if you’ve accidently deleted them, it works in rooted android phones with its full potential. don’t you worry about that if you don’t have a rooted android phone, DiskDigger apk also perform a limited scan in Non rooted android phones for deleted photos by searching your cache and thumbnails.

You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.


    Requirements To Recover Your Deleted Images

  • An android phone:- “Root Required” is not compulsory, DiskDigger can perform rooted and non-rooted both android phones.
  • DiskDigger Apk:- “Download DiskDigger Pro” Version From Here or Get It On Play Store
  • Enable Unknownk Sources:- Setting>> Security>> Unknown Sources.



    How To Use DiskDigger Pro Photo Recovery Apk

Using DiskDigger apk is the easiest way to find your lost or deleted photos from your android phone, so lets know how to use this amazing app to recover deleted files:-

  • First Download DiskDigger Apk and open it as normal
DiskDigger pro Apk Free Download- Recover Lost Files Android phone
  • You can see properly a option “START BASIC PHOTO SCAN” click on that option and it will show you all of your deleted or undeleted files which is available in your android phone in image format like, jpeg, png, bmp, etc.
DiskDigger pro Apk Free Download- Recover Lost Files Android
  • Now select the images you want back in your phone and click on “recover” option, that’s it! now the image is successfully recovered in your phone.
DiskDigger pro Apk Free Download- Recover Lost photos Android phone
  • If Your Device is rooted then its perform like super powerful tool to recover all of your lost files like photo, videos, documents or anything like this.

You can also do much more things with your rooted android phone, read this to know pros and cons of rooting an android phone and how to root any android phone without PC:-



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