Chamelephon: Easiest Way To Fix Invalid IMEI Problem In Any Android Phone(MTK Devices)

Learn How To Solve/Fix Invalid IMEI Problem In any Android Device (MTK Devices), here you can learn easiest way to solve your Invalid IMEI problem in just 2 minutes. Mostly Invalid IMEI problems are occurs in MTK Devices- Micromax, Gionee, Lava, Panasonic etc. after Flashing ROM via SP Flash Tool, or after Factory Reset, Don’t worry about your Invalid IMEI you can fix it easily with Chamelephon app.

Easiest way to fix Invalid IMEI

Generally Invalid IMEI problem occurs in Media-Tek Devices Like Micromax, Gionee, Lava, Panasonic etc. after flashing Stock ROM or after Factory Reset, If you are also facing Invalid IMEI Problem in your Android phone then don’t worry, I am gonna right here the easiest way to Fix Invalid IMEI with Chamelephon app.


    Chamelephon Apk – Easiest Way To Fix Invalid IMEI

Chamelephon is an amazing app that can easily change your android’s IMEI, that’s why if you have lost your IMEI or you are facing Invalid IMEI problem with your Android device then I highly recommended you to use Chamelephon app. this app is a great app that can do following things in your android device:

  1. Chamelephon can change IMEI of MTK Android devices.
  2. Chamelephon can repair Invalid IMEI problem.
  3. Chamelephon allows user to use their Android phone Anonymously by changing original IMEI.


Note:- Changing IMEI is Illegal, This is for general Information only, Don’t misuse this trick otherwise only you will be responsible for anything went wrong with you. 

    Requirements Before Fixing Invalid IMEI

  •  Your Android device must be Rooted, this is most important for using chamelephon. (How to root any android phone without PC)
  • Chamelephon works in MTK Devices only, so your android device must be a media-tek device(Micromax, Lava, Gionee etc.)
  • Chamelephon- Download It From Here
  • Unknown Sources must be enabled- Go to Settings> Security> Check on Unknown Sources


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    How To Fix Invalid IMEI With Chamelephon

Follow these steps to fix your invalid imei:-


 Download and install Chamelephon app in your rooted android phone, and simply launch it, If it ask for root permission then grant it immediately.
Chamelephon- Fix Invalid IMEI
Now you can see here two options- “Generate random IMEIs” and “Apply new IMEIs”, and above these options two blank boxes(If you’ve lost your IMEI it will be blank) You have to fill your original IMEI in these boxes, you can easily find your IMEI numbers after removing battery behind your android phone.
Chamelephon- Fix Invalid IMEI
After filling original IMEI numbers in these boxes, just click on “Apply new IMEIs”, after it a popup Confirmation message will appeared  “Do you confirm changing the IMEIs”, click on “Change” and after it simply restart your phone, that’s it! now you’re all done your Invalid IMEI problem is solved now, enjoy!
Chamelephon- Fix Invalid IMEI
You can also use this method to change your phone’s IMEI number, but changing IMEI is illegal, so that use your original IMEI numbers only.
Chamelephon- Fix Invalid IMEI


 Thanks for reading, Now you’ve learned the easiest way to fix Invalid IMEI Problem In Any MTK Android Devices with chamelephon app, if you like it then do comments and subscribe this blog to get daily more awesome updates like this.


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