WIFIKILL Pro Apk- Download It Free To Cut WiFi Of Others With Your Android

WIFIKILL PRO APK Download Free WIFIKILL Pro Apk To Cut others WiFi connection with just one click through WIFIKILL Apk , Pro and Latest version of WIFIKILL, this is a app only that really works in your android device to Disable others WIFI connection. 

If you are annoying with your WiFi speed, cause too many peoples connected on the same WiFi network and you are unable to use WiFi properly then now you don’t have to worry about that because if you are reading this post this problem gonna solved.


 Now you can cut WiFi of other peoples who connected on the same network, you can cut WiFi through your android smartphone by simply help of the WiFikill app. this is an awesome app which can do the incredible thing you won’t believe, but its true, wifikill app can easily disable the others wifi nwetwork.

    About Wifikill App

 Wifikill app was made by android xda- developers on September30,2011. Disable network for network hoggers. this is an awesome app i see ever.
I am sharing my experience there are many apps are available for rooted android phones to perform such awesome tasks, but sometimes many of those apps does not works  in many android phones and this is normal thing, but Wifikill is not that kind of app who doesn’t works in some android phones, it really works in any android phone only its requirement is the android device should be rooted and the android version must be 4.,0+ so don’t keep any doubt in your mind that wifikill app is works or not.
WiFiKill app: Easily cut others WiFi connection through your android phone

    Prerequisites Before Using WiFikill App

  1. A Rooted android  phone is must important for Wifikill app.
  2. You must have android version 4.0+
  3. WiFikill app Download WiFikill Pro apk
  4. You have to connected on same wifi network, which wifi connection you want to kill with your phone.
  5. Unknown sources must be enabled, if not then go for it- go to your settings-> security-> tick on unsources.

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    How To Cut Others WiFi Connection With Your Android Phone

 To disable other’s wifi connection through wifikill app on your android device, i’ll describe you in 7 simple steps, these steps helps you for better understanding .
1. Step
Install WIFIKILL app first, open it, and activate it, to know how to activate it see in the picture which is given below.
WIFIKILL- step.1

2. Step

You can see the symbol of play button touch it and now your wifikill is ready to run, see the picture of 2nd step, Let’s continue to step 3 to know more.
wifikill- step 2.
3. Step
After 2nd step, a popup will open, this popup is requesting you to Grant superuser access to run properly wifikill app because its only works in rooted android phones, so you have to grant its request, that you can properly see in the picture.
wifikill- step 3
4. Step
When you grant superuser’s request, it will take few seconds to scan all the connected devices which are on the same network, so be patience while its scanning see picture of given below.
wifikill- step 4.
5. Step
After scanning all devices, wifikill is ready to attach all of those connected devices, now its your turn,  you can see properly a list of all the devices which are connected on the same wifi network, and you realize that is the reason of why you are experiencing slow internet connection.
wifikill- step 5


6. Step
Now this step will gonna feels you like a hacker, you can see a list, you can select one by one to cut their wifi connection or also you can select all the list to cut all devices at a time. to cut all devices at a time select “grab all” and slide a little, it will get attached to all devices, see in picture.
wifikill- step 6.
7. Step
After grab all, you have to select “kill all” that’s it! you’re all done. wifikill starts killing and in a few seconds the power is in your hand. now you can get better experience of fast internet connection.
wifikill- You’re all done!


By using this app you will be able to cut someone’s wifi connection and the advantage of this app is when you kill any device it willkill those connection but user can’t see that he lost his wifi connection, therefore other user can’t access Internet over that network you are connected.

Thanks for reading, the post was about how to cut other’s wifi connection with wifikill apk you can also download wifikill apk from here. I do not encourage hacking, this tutorial is for educational purpose only. do not use this trick on public places, only you are responsible for the trouble that you are created by killing others wifi connection. If you find this is an awesome trick (how to use wifikill apk to cut wifi connection of others) , subscribe this blog to get more awesome tricks like that, and don’t forget to tell your friends about TechAlike.com.

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