How To Find Blogger Template Name Easily Without Theme Detector

Learn how to find or reveal blogger template name of any other blogger’s blog, now you can easily find any blog’s template name if it is on blogger platform. Its very simple trick this will help you to know the template’s name of every free blog which footer credit is removed by the owner, to know how is it possible to know that template’s name of blogger even its footer credit is removed by the admin read continue.

How to find blogger template name

If you are here, then definitely you are a blogger of a blogger platform, we all know that a good looking, SEO friendly, fast loading, mobile friendly, simple and clean template is how much important for our blog, so we should to choose a perfect blogger template for our blog,   there are plenty of websites who provides us plenty of free blogger template for bloggers, but sometimes we can see other’s blog on internet which are amazingly designed and good looking like a premium template and immediately we try to find that blogger template name in below footer credit, but we get disappointed when its template name is removed by the blog’s owner. so I am gonna describe how to find any blogger’s template name easily without any template or theme detector tool.



How To Find Blogger Template Name Without ThemeDetector

To find out blogger template’s name follow my steps carefully:-


1. Make sure its on blogger:-

At first make sure the blog is on a blogger platform which you are looking for, to confirm a blog is on wordpress or blogger platform you don’t need any kind of professional tool, just use your own blogging sense, below I am giving two points how to find out a blog is on which platform wordpress or blogger?

    a. Blogger Platform

Identifying blogger platform is very easy, you can easily identify it with its “permalink” because in every permalink of blogger platform, year and month are included first like {{}}


blogger template name

    b. WordPress Platform

Simply visit Isitwp and paste the blog link it will easily reveal that blog is running on wordpress platform or not.


Find Blogger template name

2. After confirming the blog is running on free blogger platform, then open that website or blog on your PC or Laptop in any browser or chrome or any kind of your favorite browser.

3. Wait until blog’s page is loading completely, after it press right click and click on “view page source” or press “CTRL+U”, it will open a new window in your browser.


Find Blogger template name..

4. Now Press “CTRL+F” to find “theme name” and hit enter, that’s it! it will show you template’s name and all about.


find blogger template name- page source


Now you have learned how to identify any blogger template name without any professional tool, so now if you like someone’s blog’s template then make it yours 😉 and enjoy!!  If you find this tutorial helpful then subscribe this blog and share this post to your friends.

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