How To Root Any Android Phone Without PC~ Top 10 Root Apps

How To Root Any Android Phone Without PC(Top 10 Root Apps) there are many ways to root any android phone, we can Root Android Phone with PC or Without PC both methods but here I am gonna describe to how to root approx any android phone in safest way that is root any android phone without PC with a single click. After rooting our android device we can explore unbelievable things with our android smartphone, that is the best reason, therefore everyone wants a rooted android device. 


How to root any android without PC

    What Is Rooting An Android Smartphone?

Rooting is an experimental way to unlock any android device, actually any android phone comes with in limitations after rooting an android it will be unlocked and allows any one to use its full features, you will get full control on entire its android system, like control on system apps, systemUI, its looks and much more.

    Why Should To Root?

There are too many advantages of rooting an android smartphone, you can do so many awesome things with your android devicethat you can never heard before. Here are some advantages of rooting and android device, so you can better understand why should to root an android phone.

    Advantages Of Rooting An Android Smartphone

Before Rooting your Android Phone you should know, why should to Root our android phone, that’s why I am giving some points that helps you to understand easily, after reading these points you will definately gonna root your android phone:

  •  After Rooting your android you feels like magic in your hands, that you can never do before, now you can do easily with your android phone.
  •  Now you can change your Stock ROM which is provide by android manufacturer, you can replace it with a Custom ROM.
  • You can Increase RAM of your android Phone with your Micro SD card
  • Ability to Boost performance of Android device, it can Run Faster.
  • Extend more its battery life with powerful Battery Savers.
  • Change its systemUI and customize its looks, themes.
  • Get smoother gaming experience you can play HD games without lagging.
  • You can block those annoying apps from your android phone.
  • Remove system apps or convert any user app into system app.
  • Install custom recovery which allows you to install custom ROM, zip files and much more.
  • After rooting your phone it brings up to hacking features also, you can hack with your android phone after rooting it, that’s why in many companies android gadgets are not allowed for employers.

This is not all the advantages of Rooting, there are much more advantages of rooting that you will gonna know after rooting your phone.

    Why Should Not To Root?

Above you’ve seen the advantages of rooting an android phone, so we know why we should to root our android phone. But now we also need to know about why we should to not root our android phone. Here are some disadvantages of rooting an android phone.

    Disadvantages Of Rooting An Android Smartphone

If there is too many advantages then also have some disadvantages of Rooting,  do continue and read its drawbacks that is why should not to Root  any android phone:

  • Your phone might bricks– If you don’t have any knowledge about rooting and how to operate a rooted android phone, then I recommend you to please don’t root root you android phone, your phone might bricks also in rooting process, but don’t worry it will be recover easily by simply flashing stock ROM of that android model.
  • After rooting if you deleted any system app without any knowledge about working feature of that app, then after deleting it will show you a message again and again that is “unfortunately any system app is stopped” and believe me, its totally sucks!
  • After rooting sometimes your can face problems like its misbehavior, and then you have to reboot your device.
  • Rooting is illegal, and you have to say good bye to your warranty period, if your phone get bricks while rooting process like phone is not starting or it will stuck on its manufacturer’s logo or blank out screen, and you will go to customer care then they will charge you to fix your phone again.

These above problems are mostly occurs when you are rooting your phone with PC or sometimes when you are installing a custom recovery or custom ROM. Don’t you worry about its drawbacks if any problem will happens, then simply flash stock Rom of your android model.

    How To Root Any  Android Phone Without PC

If you want to Root your android phone then one thing i want to say you that just forget about its Drawbacks, and do continue. I am gonna describe how To Rot Android Phone Without PC , in this method you will never face any problem while rooting your phone.

To Root your android phone without PC, you need a special App that will unlocked your phone in a minute with just one click (one click root). Now there are plenty of apps are available to root your phone without PC, for your comfort, I have listed below TOP 10 rooting apps to easily root you android phone without PC:-

  1. Framaroot
  2. KingRoot
  3. Vroot
  4. SRSroot
  5. KingoRoot
  6. Towelroot
  7. Z4root
  8. iRoot
  9. Root Genius
  10. Root Master

    Requirements before Rooting Any Android Phone Without PC using KingRoot

  • Ofcourse a Non-Rooted android phone
  • A patience mind- Don’t worry its safest way of rooting.
  • Wi-Fi connection or Internet connection must enabled in your device
  • KingRoot app- Download it from HERE


Must Read:-

    How To Root Any Android Phone Without PC using KingRoot

KingRoot is a Great app to Root android phones without PC, KingRoot allows users to root their phone with one click. Using KingRoot app For Rooting any android phone without phone is very easy and simple Process, Let’s follow my steps to root your android phone without PC:


Simply Install and open your KingRoot app:

How to root android phone without pc, using kingroot

Now KingRoot app will automatically check your phone’s root status, that is your android phone is rooted or not

How To Root any android phone without PC- kingroot

Obviously if you are using this app your phone is non- rooted and you are using kingRoot app to root your android phone without PC, now KingRoot app show you “Root access is unavailable” and below a option “TRY TO ROOT“, you have to click on it.

How to root any android phone without PC- kingroot

After clicking on “TRY TO ROOT”, KingRoot app will take its time to root your android phone without PC, keep patience and wait your device is Rooting..

How to root any android phone without pc- kingroot

After Rooting, if your phone is Rooted then KingRoot app will show you a message “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed in this device”, Then congratulations! your android phone is rooted now, Enjoy!

How to root any android phone without PC- kingroot

If your phone is Rooted, then for you process is end Enjoy with your rooted android phone! otherwise read below:

If your Phone is not rooted, then KingRoot show you like this [Sorry! Root access is not properly installed in this device] see in image which is given below:

How to root any android phone without PC- KingRoot

If this will happens with your android phone while rooting with KingRoot then close your KingRoot app and start it again with better network, Good Luck!


Thanks for reading, the post was about Top 10 Root Apps, if you find this post (i.e. how to root any android phone without PC) is helpful for you and if you want to get daily more updates like that then subscribe this blog and if you facing any problem in rooting process, then ask your complete question in comments..


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