How To Save/Increase Battery Life/Power Of An Android Phone (Top 12 Best Tips)

Learn How to Increase/Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone, here you will get some best tips to improve your android phone’s battery life, so you can use your android smartphone for long time with more battery life. Low battery performance is one of biggest problems which occurs in approx every rechargable devices like laptop, mobile phones, android, iphone, etc. I’ve never seen any person who really satisfies his battery performance of his smartphone, so here I am providing some best tips to increase smartphone’s battery life so read it, apply it and increase your own battery life.

Save Battery power
How to save Battery power of android phone- Techalike
Now these days an android is very trending, android becomes very popular operating system which is used in smartphones, Actually android is a good OS which performs better than any other operating systems, but here is a problem of low battery performance which is facing by every android smartphone user, so here I am giving some tips and solutions to improve an android phone’s battery life, these tips will helps you to boost your battery performance so you can enjoy your android phone for a long time.
Sometimes it also happens with many good smartphones which comes with better and powerful battery (Higher mah), so android users always confused why they are facing poor battery life with their powerful battery, this problem is oftenly occurs with Samsung, Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Asus, LG and many other android smartphones while they have a powerful battery. actually it is not a fault of phone’s battery, actually its fault of phone’s user, if user don’t know how to use an android phone for better battery life then its a common problem for every android user.

How To Increase/Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone

If you want a better battery  life for your android phone (obviously anybody want it;)) then read these points which is given below, these points helps you not only to boost your phone’s battery life also your android phone’s performance.

    #1. Find Out Your needs To Save Battery Life Of An Android

First of all there is need of recognize your needs and use, it means first find out your needs of your smartphone, you have to know for what reasons you have an android smartphone, so you can set limits of your android phone according to your use, and believe this is very important thing for saving battery life and it will helps you to save your android’s battery life.

    #2. Set Background Limits To Save Battery Life Of An Android

Setting background limits is a good idea that helps user to boost not only performance of battery life, but also that Android phone. this is an option which includes with every android phone which allows users to set their background limits for running apps processes in background. for setting your background limits go to your Settings>> Developer Options>> Apps>> Limit background processes, in this option you can properly see these options:
Standard  limit- this is a default limit for every android phones, you can set it for no limits of background processes, it allows users for unlimited apps processes in background.
No background processes- this is a recommended option for those users who wants to save their battery life, but using “no background processes” can stop all of your background apps so you can’t see notifications of those apps, but it allows users to get smoother experience than ever.
Limit Background Processes
Limit background processes
1 process at most- using this option allows your only one app for background process.
2 processes at most- use this option as per your need or you can use it if your android phone is not rooted.
3 processes at most- you can normally use this option as your requirements.
4 processes at most- If you have a rooted android phone then this option is for you, because there are too many important apps which works on root access, if you stop them then you can’t take advantages of that apps, so this option is for root users.
use these options according to your use and requirements for your android phone.

    #3. Remove Unnecessary Widgets And Icons To Save Battery Life Of An Android

Remove unnecessary widgets and app’s icons from home screen of your android phones, in default settings downloading apps from google play store always create a app icon in home screen of your android phone so remove them immediately if they are not necessary, don’t keep your home screen full of widgets and app’s icons otherwise your phone might slow and it causes more battery discharging problem, they always play an important role for android’s performance, so recognize your use of applications and remove unnecessary widgets and icons from home screen.

    #4. Use Battery Saver Apps To Save Battery Life Of An Android

There are plenty of battery saver apps available in google play store, which helps you to save your battery power and allows you to use your android phone for a long time. some of battery saving apps are paid while some of them absolutely free, you have to select a good battery saver app for your phone, actually battery saver apps always works better with rooted android phone. so rooting is also a good option to save more battery power of an android phone.
Remember there is no any trick that can increase your phone’s battery power, you can only save your battery power that is known as how to increase battery power/Life by some people in google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.



    #5. Disable/Remove Unnecessary System Apps To Save Battery Life Of An Android

Every android phone comes with plenty of system apps, some of them are non-usable apps which are also running in background processes and they participate for discharging your battery power, so you have to uninstall these unwanted system apps which are comes with newly android phone and which are provide by your phone’s manufacturer.

If you have a rooted android phone then use uninstaller app to remove your system apps, it will improve incredible in your battery life and also your phone’s performance.
disable system app
Force Stop/Disable App
And if you don’t have a rooted android phone then don’t worry there is also an option comes with every non-rooted android phones, you can disable your unwanted system apps. To disable your system apps go to your “Settings”>> “Application manager” (Samsung Devices) or “Apps” (other androids)>> “All Apps”>> select your app and disable it, there is two advantages of disabling system apps- it will increase your battery life and phone’s performance, in future if you want to use that app then you can also enable that app from here.

    #6. Force stop Apps, If You Are Not Using Them – Save Battery Life Of An Android

Doing force stop in android phones is always a good idea to boost performance and battery power of an android phone, obviously you can’t use all of your apps at same time, so force stop that apps, if you are not using them, it helps you to save your battery performance better than ever. but remember don’t use force stop feature everytime or when you have to use that app again because doing force stop will shut down that app and when you open that app again it will take more battery power and your battery will discharge soon, so use this feature as per your requirement.


    #7. Use Greenify App To Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone

Using Greenify app is a best idea to save battery power in android devices, greenify is a best battery saver app that can save your battery by hibernating apps in backgroung, greenify app works like force stop but its better than doing force stop any app because force stop will totally shut down a app, but greenify app will hibernate that app which means it will stop that app instead of shutting down, it will do incredible to save your battery power and also phone’s performance.
Greenify- best battery saver app
Greenify app works best in rooted android phones with Xposed Installer app, which means if you want to use its full potential then you have to root your android phone and wait its not the end here, after rooting your phone you have to install Xposed Installer app so Xposed Installer app will install a module of Greenify in your phone and your Greenify app is ready to save your Battery power.

    #8. Put Your Phone In Flight/Airplane Mode To Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone

Flight/Airplane mode is a great feature of not only android phones but also of every multimedia mobile phones and laptops, you can use flight/Airplane mode to save your battery power incredibly, using flight/Airplane mode is best trick to save battery power in any mobile phones, actually mobile phones are made for connecting people using different mobile networks and these networks use power of your mobile phone’s battery, sometimes when network signal is weak or you are at unreachable from network area then your phone starts searching network and it starts sucking battery power rapidly like hell, so if you face this kind of situation then there is a brilliant idea to put your phone into flight/airplane mode so you can save your battery from discharging rapidly.
Airplane mode
Airplane mode
Putting your mobile phone in flight/airplane mode will shut down your network which means if anybody try to make a call with you, when you are using flight/airplane mode then he/she can came to know that your phone is “switch stop”. actually its a incredible battery saving mode and its equal to power off your phone. so use this flight/airplane mode as per your requirement, if you don’t need any kind of disturbance from anyone or you are not using internet then it will be a good idea to save your battery power from discharging.

    #9. Turn Off Your Connectivities, When You’re Not using Them It Saves Your Battery Life Of An Android Phone

An android phone comes with too many connectivities like WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, Radio, and many other network signals, to save your battery power/life you have to to know all of your own requirements so you can turn off some of your connectivities like wifi, bluetooth etc. when you are not using them, actually this is a myth also to turn off your connectivity signals like wifi and bluetooth can save too much battery power, but no! it will save a little of your battry power, so this is not very important, and you are smart so use your own mind here 😉 but when your mobile internet data is on then turn it off when you are not using internet, because it can spend your battery power.

    #10. Tweak Your Network Signals & connectivities To Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone

In this new generation now android phones becomes more smarter, they comes with more, better and attractive features. now they comes with 3G and 4G connectivities also, as they becomes more smarter their batteries becomes poor because of their high network signals. if you have a 3G or 4G connectivity in your android smartphone then then you need to tweak your signals everytime as per your requirements and needs.
If you don’t have any need of 3G or 4G connectivity then put your phone in 2G network signal, this will save your battery power so you can use your phone for a long time.

    #11. Maintain Your Charging schedule To Save Battery Life Of An Android Phone

Some people have a habbit of charging their mobile phone every time when they become free with their phone, actually this is a bad habbit it will decrease your battery performance and its life, for saving your phone’s battery life and its power you should maintain your charging schedule, do not overcharge your battery and also dont’t let your battery totally discharge. for this try to keep your battery’s charging percentage between 40% to 80%, this will increase your battery life than ever.

    #12. Don’t Wait For Overheating To Save Your Battery Life Of An Android Phone

Don’t let your phone overheat, always try to keep your android phone’s temperature in normal condition, in some cases if you find your phone is overheating then don’t wait, power off your phone and remove your mobile phone’s battery immediately and wait until its temperature is come in normal condition. don’t use your mobile phone while charging, it will be a major reason of overheating your android phone and its dangerous also.


The post was about top best tips to save your android phone’s battery life, these tips are really working and you can also try these tips to save your battery life so you can enjoy your android phone for more time, give your response in comments and subscribe this blog via our free email service to get daily more awesome updates like this.

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