[Samsung] How To Install Official Stock Firmware Using Odin Flash Tool

Odin is a software flashing tool from Samsung for all samsung android devices. With Odin flash tool you can flash stock rom, custom recovery, official OTA updates. You can easily root your samsung android phone with odin. Whenever your samsung device gets soft-bricked, in order to fix your phone you need to flash stock rom through odin. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to Install official stock firmware using Odin flash tool.

You must have this odin flash tool if you are a Samsung user and a kind of guy who loves to do some experimental stuffs with your android phone. Odin is specially developed by Samsung to flash stock roms, kernels, custom recovery (like twrp, cwm or philz recovery).

Whenever you brick your samsung android phone you can fix it by simply flashing official stock firmware using odin flash tool. All you need to do is follow this step by step guide for flashing stock firmware in samsung devices using odin.

    When you need to flash official stock ROM or firmware using Odin tool?

  • When your Samsung device has bricked, stuck in Bootloop or not starting, and you want to fix it.
  • If you are using custom recovery and no longer wants to use it, then flashing stock rom will be a fix.
  • You can also manually update your phone by flashing stock firmware.
  • When you are on custom rom and wants to use again official stock firmware.
  • If you have rooted your samsung device and wants to Unroot your phone again then you need to flash official stock rom. Because rooting your phone voids your warranty and if you want your warranty back then flashing stock firmware is a fix.

This tutorial is about how you can easily flash stock rom in samsung android devices using odin tool. This tutorial is for all samsung mobiles and tablets.

Warning – Follow this tutorial with your own risk, RootSamsungGalaxy.com will not be responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your samsung android device.

  • A windows based PC or laptop.
  • Original data cable.
  • Charge your phone’s battery at least over 50%
  • Make sure you have installed Samsung USB driver on your PC or laptop. (How to install Samsung USB driver on your computer)
  • Do not forget to restart your system after installing USB driver.
  • And a patience mind.
  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock- Go to your settings > developer option > enable USB debugging. If you don’t have a developer option then go to your settings > about phone > build number > tap on it 5 – 7 times until to you can see a popup “now you’ve a developer option”.
Enable USB Debugging

Enable USB Debugging

  • Odin flash tool – Download (I would recommend you to use latest Odin version, sometimes newer phones dosen’t work with older Odin version)
  • Samsung USB driver – Download
  • Stock ROM for your Samsung device (make sure the software is matching with your phone’s model number). You can find your firmware from sammobile.

Make sure you have checked all the requirements and downloads before start flashing process. Odin flash tool, Samsung USB driver, and stock ROM / firmware all these files comes in a zip format before use you have to extract it. For extracting these files you can use 7zip or winRar. If the files are not in zip format then you don’t need to extract them.

How to Flash / Install Official Stock firmware using Odin Flash Tool

I don’t want you to brick your smartphone while following this tutorial so please do check once again all the important requirements which I’ve mentioned above. If everything is ok then follow this step by step guide very carefully to flash stock rom in your samsung android phone.

If you have downloaded the right stock firmware for your samsung device then follow these 4 simple steps for flashing process:

Step 1. Reboot  your phone into download mode

For flashing stock rom, first you have to reboot your phone into download mode to do so press power button + home button + Volume down key simultaneously. If you have a flagship Samsung device then press Bixby instead of home button.

Download Mode In Samsung Device

Download Mode In Samsung Device

In download mode it will give you two options: press volume up to continue and volume down to cancel and restart your device, obviously you have to choose volume up to continue for the flashing process.

Step 2. Open Odin flash tool and connect your phone

After rebooting your samsung device into download mode open Odin flash tool (Odin.****.exe). Connect your phone to your computer through its original data cable. After connecting Odin will indicate you a message “Added” and ID: COM port on Odin will turn Blue or Yellow depending on Odin’s version. If you get this indications properly then your Odin is ready for flashing process.

connect your phone with odin flash tool

Connect your phone with odin flash tool

Step 3. Set it up your Odin tool and select your firmware 

Now you have to set up your Odin flash tool, click on PDA and navigate your firmware which should be in .tar or .tar.md5 extension, select it. If you are using Odin tool older version than 3.07 then click on AP instead of PDA (because you will not find PDA option in older version).

setup Odinn flash tool

setup your odin flash tool

Before start, you have to check only “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” and leave the remain options unchecked.

Important: Make sure Re-partition is not checked and samsung kies is not running in your taskbar tray. It would be better if samsung kies is uninstalled on your computer if you are using odin.

Step 4. Now start the flashing process

Now click on start, Odin will start flashing stock ROM in your Samsung device. It may take up to 5 to 7 minutes for flashing stock rom in your phone. Do not touch the device or data cable until flashing process is complete. When your flashing process will be completed Odin will indicate you a PASS message. If you can see that properly then congratulations! you have successfully flashed stock ROM in your Samsung device.

Step5. Remove your phone From Your Computer and keep patience

Your phone will be reboot automatically and for the first time after flashing done and it might take up to 7 to 10 minutes to start. so keep patience. If you find your phone is taking too much time to start, then it might be a bootloop problem.

Fixing BootLoop problem after flashing Stock Rom/firmware In Samsung Devices

In some cases your phone might be stuck in bootloop problem after flashing stock firmware. Bootloop is a problem which occurs in android devices usually after flashing stock firmware or rooting the android device. If your phone is showing only its logo even after a very long time then definitely its a bootloop issue.

fixing bootloop problem in samsung devices after flashing stock rom/firmware

recovery mode in Samsung devices

Fixing Bootloop is very easy if your phone is not physically damaged then you can easily fix it by yourself.
To fix bootloop problem first you have to get your phone in recovery mode, to do so just press Power button + home button + volume up simultaneously. If you have a flagship Samsung device then press power + bixby + volume up simultaneously to get your phone into recovery mode.

In recovery mode do wipe data/factory reset and then reboot your device. Now your Bootloop issue has been fixed and your phone will be start properly after taking some time most probably it will take up to 10 minutes maximum.

Why You are Unable to flash official Stock Rom/firmware In Your Samsung Device

If you are unable to flash stock firmware using Odin tool then these might be the main problems or reasons for that:

  • If you didn’t installed Samsung USB drivers properly.
  • Some data cables simply does not support data transfer they can only be used for charging purpose, so you have to keep that in your mind. Try to use original data cable of Samsung or any brand which should not be loose while connecting.
  • If you are flashing a wrong firmware or stock ROM which is not compatible for your model then you might end up with your phone bricked (soft-bricked).
  • And the most important reason is why you are failing again and again is you are mentally disturb. So take a deep breath and keep patience while flashing process.
  • If your Odin tool stuck during the flashing process or before process, close it properly and launch it again as administrator. Start flash firmware again by following above instructions.

Final words

The post was about how to install official stock firmware in Samsung mobile phones using Odin flash tool. Flashing stock rom via Odin flash tool is the best way to fix your Samsung android phone.

If you have accidentally bricked your device then use this post to flash stock rom in your phone. You can flash stock ROM in in your device if you no longer want to use custom ROM which you have flashed previously or if you want to officially Unroot your phone.

If you are getting any problem while flashing stock rom in your samsung android device then please feel free to write down your problem in comment section. I’ll try to give you the best possible solution to fix your samsung device.

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