Make Fake Chat Conversation For Android 2019 | 3 Easy Ways

In this post you are going to learn how to make fake chat conversation in whatsapp, facebook or any messenger app on android phone. 2 or 3 years ago we didn’t have these much options that we have now these days to make fake chat conversation. You can use these fake chat conversations only to make fool your friend or someone you want.

What do you mean by making a fake chat conversation? You can find many different methods to make fake chat, but what is the common thing in those all methods? You have to take a screenshot in every way of making fake chat. You can’t have a fake messenger app like whatsapp, facebook messenger or any app full of your fake chat conversations. You must have to take a screenshot to show your friends or someone. There will be a option in online method to download you fake text as a screenshot, that’s it!

Of-course if you are making a fake text message or fake chat conversation then you are going to show that fake screenshots to your friend or anyone you want to. Its all about taking a screenshot of your fake text message to show someone.

make fake chat conversation

What you will learn in this post along making fake chat screens?

In this post you are going to learn about following things:

  • How to make fake chat conversation of direct message of Instagram.
  • How to make fake chat conversation in facebook massenger.
  • You will know how to make fake profile in whatsapp also you can create fake chat screens in whatsapp messenger.
  • You can also make fake chats of your pre-installed inbuilt messenger which comes with your phone.
  • How to make fake messages without any app (this will be online method, using third party website).
  • You can also set fake status of your whatsapp and make fake calls.
  • How to prank your friends and family by making fake chat conversations.
  • What are the advantages of making a fake chat conversation.
  • How to make fake chat conversation screens online.
  • How to make fake tweets and fake facebook status online.
  • Also you can create fake group messages on messenger app.
  • Fake search results from Google which can be a very funny meme too.
  • Make fake google translates with yazzy app and online methods are available too.

Advantages Of Making Fake Chat conversations

Who can say what is the advantage of making fool with fake chat conversations, well I am gonna listing some of the best reasons why you should make fake chat conversations.

  • When you forgot your friend’s birthday, you can make fake chat conversation of that you are wishing them on their birthday.
  • Hide your lies with a simple fake chat screenshot.
  • You can prank your friends that you have a conversation with any celebrity or any friend.
  • Create memes and jokes with a fake conversation screenshot.
  • You can make fun of your friends or your brother or sister in your family by creating a fake profile of them.
  • Its super easy to make someone jealous with just a fake screenshot.
  • You can create fake chats with anyone, even Donald trump!

Ok so those were some advantages or you can say reasons that why you should make fake chat conversations. Please use your lies only for fun and entertainment purpose, don’t ever play with anyone’s emotions.

How To Make Fake Chat Conversation For Your Android Phone

There are several methods out there to make fake chat conversation for your messenger app. And today you are going to learn all of them. I am going to tell you which method will be perfect for you to generate you fake text chat.

The easiest way to make fake chat conversation is using a third party app. These third party apps are available on google play store absolutely for free.

You can also generate your fake text messages by online websites. There are many websites are available out there on Internet which can easily make fake chat conversations for you and absolutely for free.

And the last method is, whenever you chat with someone just edit those sent or received messages according to you. This can be your favorite method of making fake chat conversations. But this method is only for root users. Means if you want to use this last method of editing messenger chats then you must have a rooted android phone.

Here you will see 3 easy ways to make fake chat conversations, just choose which method of making fake text messages will be perfect for you.

Method 1. Make fake chat conversation using third party app

There are many free apps are available on Google Play Store, by help of any of these apps you can easily create fake chat conversation. This is the easiest method to make fake chats on your android phone. So I am listing some best apps to create fake chats on android phone.

1. Fake Chat Converations

fake chat conversations
fake chat conversations

Fake chat conversations is one of the best app to make fake chat screenshots, its easy and very user friendly. With the help of this app you can easily create your desire fake chat and make fun of anyone. Fake chat conversations you can make fake profile and fake voice messages. You can make even fake calls in this wonderful app.

Fake chat conversations app can only generate fake chats or fake profile for WhatsApp. So keep that in your mind and download this app only if you want to make fake chats for your whatsapp.

Download Fake Chat Conversations

2. Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMock

fake chat maker whatsmock
fake chat maker whatsmock

Fake chat maker – WhatsMock comes with fully loaded features to make fake chat conversations for android phones. This app is only can generate fake screenshots for whatsapp only. But this one is far better than previous fake chat conversations app which i have mentioned above.

Even though WhatsMock is only can create fake chats for whatsapp but this is the best app for it. You can make fake profile in whatsapp, create fake chat conversations, even create fake status with WhatsMock app and prank your friends.

Download Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMock

3. Fake Chat Conversation For Messanger

fake chat conversation for messenger
fake chat conversation for messenger

Now this might be the app you have been waiting for, Fake chat conversation for messenger app is for creating fake chat screens for facebook messenger app. So mentioned above two apps were for whatsapp messanger but this one is for facebook. You can have fun with fake chat conversation for messenger app by making a fake chat conversation and taking a screenshot. You can send that screenshot to your friends or family and make fun.

Download Fake Chat Conversation for messanger

4. Fake Chat (Direct Message)

fake chat direct message
fake chat direct message for instagram

Fake chat is the only app on this list which can create fake chat messages for Instagram. This is one of the best fake chats generator apps if you are looking for making fake chats for your instagram. It comes with fully loaded features so you can create direct messages fake chat in your instagram and your friends won’t know that its fake. Use this app if you have to make fake chat conversation with Instagram app on your android. You can control everything in the conversation from both sides and can manage every single detail of it.

Download Fake Chat – Direct Message

5. Yazzy (Fake Conversations)

yazzy fake conversations app
yazzy fake conversations

Yazzy is one of the best app to prank your friends, yazzy is the most versatile app which supports more than a single social media app conversation. You should use yazzy if you don’t want to install many apps for a particular app. Yazzy can easily create fake chat conversations for Telegram, Instagram, Facebook messenger. You can also make facebook status with fake comments and likes with yazzy app.

Using Yazzy app is so much fun you can make memes or jokes by creating fake tweets with hashtag and mentions on twitter. This app supports some fake search results from google and ask.FM. You can also make some funny translations with it because it supports google translate too.

Download Yazzy (Fake Conversations)

Method 2. Create fake chat conversation using online websites

Making fake chat conversations is not only for those who are using an android device you can also make fake fake screens with help of some online websites. Thanks to these websites who provides us some very realistic looking screenshots of fake chats that we can create. If you are looking for how to make fake chat conversations online then I am listing some of the best websites which can do it for you and absolutely for free.

1. Fake Chat App

With fake chat app you can easily generate fake chat conversations online without using your phone. All you have to do is just open your browser and go to then follow instructions. You will be able to make fake chats then take a screenshot. Its free and very user friendly website for making fake chat conversation for whatsapp.

2. Simitator

Simitator is one of the best websites for making fake chat converations. You can use for making fake chats for facebook, twitter, status, fake search results from search engines and more. Simitator comes with very handy features:

  • Facebook Generators
  • Facebook Status Generator
  • Facebook Chat Generator
  • Twitter Generators
  • Twitter Tweet Generator
  • Twitter Message Generator
  • Yahoo Answers Generators
  • Yahoo Answers Question Generator

Just go to and check this site and you will know how amazing this site is. You can make fake chats for android as well as iphone.

3. iGenerator Spoof Chat and Status Generator

iGenerator spoof chat and status generator is one of the best sites for creating fake conversations online. With this website you can create fake chats and status for Facebook and Twitter. This is the site from where you can also create text messages for your pre-installed inbox messenger. This site also support generating fake text messages for iphone and android too. iGenerator is so cool from here you can also make fake chat conversations for whatsapp and snapchat too.

4. iFake Text Message

iFake text message is one of my favorite websites when it comes to make fake text messages for your pre-installed inbox messenger app. With this site you can make fake text messages which will look so real. You can optimize your fake conversation screen like battery percentage andnetwork connections. You can also show alarm clock and bluetooth, do not disturb on your notification bar.

5. Fake iPhone Text Messages

This is the only site in this list which is only for iPhone, use it if you want to create fake text messages on you iPhone. As I mentioned this site can generate fake text messages only for iPhone so it will be very well customized and user friendly. Try iPhone text messages once if you are a iPhone user.

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Method 3. Generate fake chat conversation by editing messages

You can make fake chat conversations with third party app and websites and also you can just edit your original chats according to you. This is one of the most amazing method to make fake chat conversations. Talk to someone in your messenger app and just edit them as you want, take a screenshot later.

How to edit old chat conversation history on android?

You want to make fake chat conversation and don’t wanna use any third party app or website then this might be a good way to create fake chat. All you have to do is just edit your chat history of your messenger app. Editing old chats is quite difficult for beginners who have never been involved in such technical tricks. If you are beginner it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Its easy and can be done by just installing a app which name is SQLite Editor app.


  • A rooted android phone, this app won’t work in normal android phones. If you want to edit your chats you must have to root your android phone.
  • SQLite Editor apk – you can download this app from given link below.

Download SQLite Editor app

SQLite Editor Apk

SQLite Editor is one of my favorite apps for rooted android phones. With the help of this app you can edit databases of any app which is installed in your android phone. This app is not available on google play store you have to download from any third party website, though I have given the download link of SQLite Editor.

Follow these simple steps to edit your database of your android phone:

  • Download and install SQLite Editor apk.
  • It your phone shows you installed blocked from unknown sources then go to your phone’s settings > security > Install unknown apps > enable it.
  • Open SQLite Editor app, wait until it loading all of your applications’s database.
  • Now select that app in which you want to do editing stuff. For example if you want to edit whatsapp chats then click on whatsapp. So as if you want to edit chats of facebook messenger app then select messenger app.
  • You will see a list of database of your selected application, if you have selected whatsapp then select msgstore.db
  • Now you can easily see all the list of your conversation of your messenger app, all you have to find that message which you want to edit.
  • Find your chat and just edit it according to yourself and just save it.
  • you’re all done!

So those were the methods to make fake chat conversation for your android phone. But making fake chat conversations with online methods were also for iphone users, so you can make fake texts for iphone also. Now everyone should be scared of you, LOL 😀
Don’t misuse this trick use it only for fun. And if you got any issues for making fake chat conversations on your android phone, please feel free yourself to leave a comment in the comment section.

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