Top 8 Major Reasons For Any Soft-Bricked Android Smartphone (How To Avoid)

If You Are a Android user, then you must know about Top Major Reasons For Any Soft-bricked Android Smartphone, what is soft-brick?, Why Soft-brick occurs in android smartphones? how to avoid soft-brick problem?, why android get soft-bricked while flashing ROM? What is Hard-brick? if you want to know all the answers of these questions, then read continue and learn all the major reasons for soft-brick problems in any android smartphone.


Major Reasons For Any Soft-Bricked Android


Now these days Android has become most popular operating system in the world, because Android is easy, fast and no doubt it is better than any other operating systems. sometimes android users get plenty of problems in android smartphones, “Soft-brick” is one of those biggest and common problem happens in android smartphones.

    What Is Soft-brick Problem In Android Smartphone?

Soft-brick problem is now common in android smartphones,usually when any android device stuck in boot-loop it is known as soft-brick android phone. actually Soft-brick is a problem which happens only with your android’s software, Simply Soft-brick means when a software bricks, and when it occurs in android phone, any android can’t run or start with a bricked software. but here is good news that soft-brick could be easily recoverable without any professional repair. any android user can repair a soft-bricked android smartphone by flashing stock ROM in it and if mobile still stuck in boot-loop then simply doing a “wipe date/factory reset”. well, soft-brick is not a big problem, its only a common problem in android smartphones.

Top #8. Major Reasons For Any Soft-Bricked Android Smartphone

 I have Listed below when Soft-brick problems occurs in any android smartphone:

    #1. SoftBrick Problem While Flashing Stock ROM

 When you’re flashing a stock ROM in your android smartphone and if you had did any mistake while flashing process, your smartphone might bricks(Soft-brick). sometimes android phone stuck into a boot-loop after flashing Stock ROM.

Soft-brick while flashing ROM via SP Flash tool in android device mostly occurs in MTK androids (Micromax, Lava, Spice, Panasonic etc.) , sometimes it would be worse decision via flashing Stock ROM in MTK androids, because your device might soft-bricked and if you again trying to flash Stock ROM in your device then your device might show some errors like Nvram, wi-fi errors or Invalid IMEI problems. Don’t panic this is not common to all android phones, and to avoid soft-brick while flashing Stock ROM in your android phone, check twice your  flash tool’s settings and ROM is supported for your Android device.

    #2. Soft-Brick Problem While Rooting Android Phone

Sometimes Your phone might bricks(Soft-brick) while rooting your android smartphone, it occurs when you are not follow/read the instructions about rooting your android phone carefully.Sometimes soft-brick occurs when you are trying to root your android phone with PC method, because in PC method you had to install a custom recovery first and after rebooting your device might stuck in boot-loop. This dosen’t means that soft-brick problem occurs with PC method only, your android phone might bricks also without PC method after rebooting your device [sometimes ;)]



    #3. SoftBrick Problem While Using Apps Who Requires Root Access

Sometimes a android phone might soft-brick while using a app who requires root access, this occurs in rooted android phones, when a app ask a permission for root access in your android smartphone and you simply grant it and after few seconds it says you in a message that: “reboot your phone to make changes”, after this when you reboot your android smartphone your phone might bricked, that is soft-brick, your phone’s software is corrupted now, and now you need to flash Stock ROM in your android phone. mostly this problem occurs with apps like who changes your phone’s graphics, RAM, CPU or accelerate your CPU, ad-blocking apps, chainfire 3D, etc.

     #4. SoftBrick Problem While Factory Data Reset

 Sometimes your android phone might soft-brick after doing a factory data reset, this problem occurs mostly in rooted android phones, then I highly recommend you that if your android phone is rooted and have a custom recovery then don’t reset your phone from setting, if you want to reset your android phone then go to its recovery and do a wipe data/factory reset.Soft-brick while factory data reset is not occurs in all android phones, generally this problem is occurs in Samsung smartphones, if any custom recovery like CWM, TWRP, CTR, PhilZ are installed in Samsung device then I am 100% sure if you reset your phone from setting your phone might soft-brick, it will stuck in Boot-loop, don’t panic simply go to recovery mode by pressing Volume Up key + Power Button + Home Button at a same time for 3-5 seconds and do a Wipe Data/Factory Reset, after it your android phone will start normally.

Recovery Mode- Wipe data/factory reset
Recovery Mode


    #5. Soft-Brick While Installing Custom ROM

 There are only Ten people out of Hundred who got success while flashing custom ROM in their first time, that means what happens with 90 others?, simple they failed and get bricked (Soft-brick) their android smartphones, this problem is soft-brick problem which is very common to those who installing custom ROM in their smartphone.Soft-Brick While installing custom ROM is generally occurs, when you are installing custom ROM using Custom Recovery which is not supported for installing a custom ROM for your android phone or when you are trying to install a custom ROM in your updated Android Smartphone for example if you had purchase a android phone with OS version Kitkat and after updating it into Lollipop version, if you trying to install a custom ROM it might soft-brick.

    #6. Soft-Brick While Installing Custom Recovery

Sometimes your android device might soft-brick while installing custom recovery, this problem occurs when you don’t read the instructions carefully or you are installing a non supported recovery in your android device.
Usually you can install custom recovery with PC and without PC both methods, In PC method while installing a custom recovery if you do unplug your android device before flashing completed, your android might soft-brick. In without PC method also your android phone might soft-brick, it occurs when your flashing completed and your android stuck in a boot-loop after rebooting.

    #7. SoftBrick Problem While Updating Android’s Firmware

 Sometimes a android device get soft-brick while updating firmware, usually this problem occurs when your android’s battery is not fully charged or due to network problems. to avoid this make sure you battery is charged at least 80% before updating firmware of your android device.
Soft-Brick While Updating Android's Firmware
Soft-Brick While Updating Android’s Firmware


    #8. Soft-Brick While Multi-Tasking In Single Android Phone

 Soft-brick while Multi-tasking means when you perform plenty of tasks at a same time in your android phone, your android phone might soft-brick. Usually this soft-brick problem occurs with low range android devices or when you are using more apps in your android. To avoid this problem use your android phone in limits.
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    How To Avoid Soft-Brick Problem In Android Smartphones

 To avoid above these soft-brick problems in any android device,I’ve listed the following points, read continue:
  • Do not unplug your device with your PC while flashing a Stock ROM/Recovery in your Android phone, otherwise your android device might soft-brick.
  • Do not Root your Android device before reading carefully all the instructions of rooting and read advantages and disadvantages of rooting.
  • Do not Install any app who needs root required and you don’t know much about that app, otherwise your android device might soft-brick.
  • Never do a factory data reset from settings if a custom recovery installed in your android device, otherwise your android device might soft-brick.
  • Never Install a custom ROM without checking that ROM is for your android’s model, otherwise after flashing your android phone might soft-brick.
  • Never Install a custom Recovery without checking that recovery is for your android’s model, otherwise after flashing your android phone might soft-brick.
  • Never update your android’s firmware without charging your battery at least 80%, otherwise android phone might soft-brick.
  • Do not use your android phone over its limits.



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