What is Rooting? Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting

What is Rooting?: Looking for root access or root required on android smartphone then the blog is for you here we discuss about complete rooting process in android devices and advantages of root, disadvantages of rooting.

    What is Rooting?

Rooting of an android smartphone is a experimental way to unlock your smartphone and get total control on your device. you ever seen that some apps of  play-store comes with the heading in bracket (Root required), which means to run this app your device should be rooted, and the app can run but you can’t access the app without a rooted android.

After rooting your android device it will allows you to access the entire its operating system and the ability to customize anything in android smartphone, like your systemUI, ROM, system apps, custom softwares and much more.

Advantages And disadvantages of Rooting

Before rooting Android phone we should to know about its advantages and disadvantages, which help us know more about rooting.

What is Rooting? Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting

    Advantages of Rooting

1. there are plenty of advantages of rooting all of those the great thing is that root allows to customize and get full control on the operating system of it, we can install custom ROM replace to the stock ROM
custom ROM are far better than the stock ROM and that’s why most of people just hate its stock ROM after rooting.

2. root allows to install some special apps which are designed for only rooted androids (root required), also its allows to uninstall system apps and make user apps to system apps.

3. after rooting it is possible to move user apps into the external SD card with help of rooted app which allows to free the space of internal storage in device.

4. you can increase RAM of android using ram expander and many other apps are available for increasing ram of android device, that allows phone runs smoother and better faster experience.

5. ability to install powerful battery saving apps.

6. install more apps and play High Definition games and have smoother experience of gaming.

above all of these advantages are only possible in rooted android smartphone with the help of some special featured apps which are specially designed for the root access on androids.

    Disadvantages of rooting

1. warranty will void: after rooting the android device the warranty will void and always keep in mind you can also Unroot your phone, and also you have to Unroot your phone before going in service center by simply flashing the original STOCK ROM in the device and no one will ever know that it was rooted.

2. phone might bricks: whenever you use the full of advantages, you run at least a small risk about bricking your phone. obviously this is happening when you avoid to read the instructions carefully.
make sure that you are following instruction carefully and the guide is works for your device and the custom ROM or custom recovery is specially designed for your device. If you do your research and pay attention to feedback of others, this problem should never occur.

3. After rooting, if you uninstall any system app without knowing, what is the work of that app, your phone will stuck at any popup message like any app name and which is unfortunately stopped, and seriously it annoys like a crap. So be aware of these problems before rooting your android phone.

    We Should Root Our Android Or Not

You have to root your device or not you have to think about it because there are plenty of advantages of rooting also having some drawbacks of it. I recommend you to root your old android device by simply search in Google how to root (your model number), because you can explore more in your device.


NOTE: I am not encourage you to Root your android, in process of rooting if you avoid instructions carefully or won’t pay your attention your device can be bricked also that’s why do it at your own risk. i’ll be not responsible for your bricked smartphone.

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